Exterior Foundation Wall Treatments both Dampproofing and Waterproofing


Foundation walls need to be treated in order to limit water vapour and water penetration. There are different methods of treating the walls depending on the amount of water expected in the surrounding soils. Lenbeth supplies and installs these three main types of wall treatments.

1) Tar Spray – a coating of tar on the foundation walls combined with the snap tie holes being patched with a mastic compound. The tar helps to dampproof the foundation wall and to some extent, control water vapour. Once sprayed on the wall, tar becomes brittle and will crack if the foundation wall cracks. When using a tar application, you should be very certain that no significant water will be present in the surrounding soils.

2) Waterproofing Sprays – There are several different types of waterproofing sprays available. Most are emulsion based sprays, which essentially means they use water to make the product as opposed to solvents. This helps to ensure that the product is environmentally responsible. Waterproofing sprays can bridge small cracks in the foundation wall once applied up to a certain point.

3) Air Gap Products – A dimpled sheet membrane designed to be mechanically fastened to the foundation wall. The Air Gap is a separate system from the foundation allowing the air gap to bridge foundation cracks, cover imperfections and provide a high level of protection to the foundation wall. The Air Gap also provides a ¼ inch air space between the foundation wall and the product allowing the concrete wall to transfer vapour and limit the musky spell associated with older foundations. Lenbeth proudly supply and install DMX products. For more information on DMX products, please visit www.dmxplastics.com.

Lenbeth is an expert in treating foundation walls to limit water penetration into the basement. When we combine an excellent drainage system with a high end wall treatment, you can be assured that your basement will stay dry and warm!