Weeping Tile...

Weeping tile is a porous pipe used for underground drainage. Weeping Tile is typically of two varieties;

1) Corrugated plastic pipe with small slits cut lengthwise into it
2) PVC pipe with drainage holes

Weeping Tile is installed beside a foundation footing and surrounded by aggregate larger than the slits. The aggregate prevents excessive soil from entering through the slits into the weeping tile. With this arrangement, water in the surrounding soil flows through the aggregate and into the weeping tile. The weeping tile then drains into a storm sewer connection through a back water valve, a sump liner, a gravity drain or a dry well.


The weeping tile is to be installed so that the top of the pipe is lower than the bottom of the interior concrete floor. The weeping tile acts as a relief valve for water pressure to limit the possibility of water penetrating the basement floor or walls. Without weeping tile installed around a foundation for drainage, water pressure will build to a point that it will have to release into the basement.


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