Window Wells

Window wells are basically an area wall to keep the dirt away from below grade basement windows. Window wells should be larger than the window itself to allow light into the basement and to allow egress out of the basement in the event of an emergency.


Typical window wells are corrugated metal.   The corrugations help to add strength to the well to help limit crushing or bending.  Lenbeth deals directly with the best metal window well manufacturers available.


There are other types of window wells available on the market for those looking for something different. Lenbeth offers window wells that are made of fiberglass and plastic. These alternatives to the typical metal window wells allow more light in the basement and are more esthetically appealing when looking from inside the basement out of the basement window. Lenbeth proudly offers Wolfa Window Wells which are a one piece fiberglass window well manufactured in Germany.


Lenbeth has been installing window wells for many years and we understand all the issues that can arise from installations. We have tested many different installation methods and we have the expertise to install the wells correctly. Contact us today to see how we can ensure that your window wells are installed properly!